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We in FAXADDRESS are very honored to have you as one of our loyal clients and we are happy to present you with our services and work with your company permanently . And we pledge to submit a high level of professionalism and dedication in accomplishing all your needs.

So we are proudly introducing you the perfect complete FXADDRESS services in order to bring the targeted clients and improve your company's sales.



The marketing plans



  1. Posting blogs on the forums directly in order to market the company's services, to use powerful searching words on google, to link the text to the site's pages and to upload the photos on the site's server in order to improve website ranking in Google's search engine and the number of visitors to your site. Furthermore,  the percentage of showing your site on the first pages of search results will be improved, especially on the popular search engine ( Google).

  2. Publishing the company's Facebook page and working on managing it in a professional and distinct way by publishing the daily competent news and reports in Forex market.

  3. Publishing your Twitter account and working to bring more followers to your Account and managing it professionally by publishing the daily competent news and reports in Forex market.

  4. Designing and preparing a number of marketing mails and link them with the landing page and the site, then send them on a database.

  5. Sending marketing SMS messages to the targeted numbers.

  6. Sending Viber or whatsapp messages depending on the countries and the targeted places.

  7. Publishing your YouTube channel to bring more followers & subscribes & views , and making a number of videos.

  8. Adding the company's site and it’s data on the search engines in order to improve the percentage of showing your site on the famous search engine.

  9. SEO :
    • Publishing your site links to the favorite sites for the famous search engine (Google).
    • Publishing the site's link in EDU , GOV sites that can increase the degree of archiving the site in search engines.
    • Publishing in the good trafic sites
    • Publishing in Social bookmark and Dofollow sites
    • Getting more targeted visitors to the site
    • Publishing in WIKI sites

Thus, we hope that we gave you a clear and accurate description of how to complete your work with us ,,, and in case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to communicate us any time to the following e-mail info@fxaddress.com or call us directly on our number or use the live chat service on our site or skype fxaddress .

Together step by step to SUCCESS.

Thank you

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