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We in FAXADDRESS are very honored to have you as one of our loyal clients and we are happy to present you with our services and work with your company permanently . And we pledge to submit a high level of professionalism and dedication in accomplishing all your needs.


A general idea :

FXADDRESS offers a complete integrated list of marketing and software solutions to gain the trust of the clients and bring new targeted clients in a high accurate level, so we must have provide a simple explanation about the mechanism of our work and what our sources are and our role is and what is needed from you, so that we can have both access to the best result and achieve the required results.

Our sources :funded advertisements on social media sites, search engines and banners on the sites.

Our role :making distinct marketing material and start to convince and bring new customers to the company using the marketing material to make sure that anyone who registered, registered alone without any external influences.



Work Mechanism :It will be started to work with us in two separated phases as follows:


The first phase a week-long :

  • FXADDRESS teams will equip all promotional materials : designs, banners, videos, and registration LP pages... etc which will be used to work.


  • In case some of marketing materials are provided, there is no objection to add them to what it has been prepared .


  • All we have mentioned to you will be sent in order to take the approval to start , so you have to take the responsibility with us about the following :
    • Notice the sales staff s about what is the offer that the customer has registered with.
    • Sales team strength in persuasion as all the registered ones have registered through a clear offer.


  • Identify the marketing area, age group , and language, etc .

The second stage –the duration as you desire :

  • FXADDRESS team will start advertising and bring the required specified customers.


  • FXADDRESS committed to using paid ads and banners only, without the use of promoters and marketers to get the strongest results of the registers.


  • FXADDRESS committed to all of those who they have registered that they registered by themselves depending on the submitted ads without any other influences.


  • To reach the top results , so we hope that you can contact the registers as fast as you can and If It possible within minutes of their registration.


Thus, we hope that we gave you a clear and accurate description of how to complete your work with us ,,, and in case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to communicate us any time to the following e-mail info@fxaddress.com or call us directly on this number 00972595601800 or use the live chat service on our site or skype Fxaddress.

Together step by step to SUCCESS.

Thank you

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