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“ Our belief and ability to recognize your ability distinguished by the company FXADDRESS many offers that suit you Dear customer to be able to own your company in the field of Forex”

Full Branded White label that contains 

- Webstie
- VetaTrader platform
- New CRM
- Marketing campaigns 

Firstly, the advantages of the website
Our company always strives to provide the best electronic services to customers, especially in the field of Forex, so we always strive to satisfy customers by providing the best service.
Our team will program and design your website based on your business requirements, as we provide you with a professional website that has the following advantages
Flexible and responsive to all electronic devices
- An infinite number of internal and external pages
- Your own logo, according to your choice, that matches your company colors
- Standard text in both Arabic and English
- An easy-to-handle control panel that helps you to modify and add to your website what you see appropriate for your business needs.

Secondly, the advantages of VetaTrader trading platform
Exactly designed and built that helps you as a Forex manager to follow all deals and portfolios
Your customers fully within many features we will mention the following
- The possibility of working in two systems (A-book Or B-book)
- Manual and automatic control.
- The ability to perform all financial operations from withdrawals, deposits and bonuses.
- Determine margin, commission and swap commissions.
- Show & hide symbols In line with your company policy
- Show daily or monthly reports for investor accounts and portfolios, or within the date and time you specify.
- And many other additional features that give you full control of the platform.

Thirdthe advantages of New CRM
Fxaddress team recently developed a program of CRM in a very professional way, so that all the characteristics that the owners of companies need within the CRM system have been integrated, which made managing your business easy and flexible so that it includes the following 
- You can create and allocate a number of groups to your business so that you can allocate specific properties to a specific section within the business divisions in your company. For example, you can create a specialized group in the sales team that includes many features, including showing and hiding anything you want from customer data such as a phone number or Email and etc.
- Contact and communicate directly with your customers through CRM, through the live chat program installed inside it, where you can give validity to a number of employees by continuing to communicate with your customers through this system.
- Managing your clients' deals through CRM is also among the strong features. You can open or close deals or amend them directly without the need to enter the trading platform, we have developed this feature so that your employees can enter the currency pages separately separately and execute orders. Buying, selling or modifying deals in addition to executing deposit and withdrawal requests.
- A page has been built for determining targets for every employee within your company, so that you as a selection manager targets monthly for each of your employees and you can follow it through this feature.
- You can create a specific number of users (Users) to work on CRM and each user has his own powers that you define, and you can also define work goals for each user (employee) you have in the company, in terms of the number of deposits and the total amounts of deposits during the month. And many other features within this the frame.
- The FTD system has been programmed to calculate and determine the goals imposed on each employee to carry out during the month, which is determined by the number of goals and the size or total value of the goals during the one month, which mainly helps you in evaluating the work of your employees and giving them rewards and salaries.
- Affiliate has also been programmed in proportion to CRM so that you can create sections for advertisers and distribute validity to them as you see fit, raise landing pages and follow up on results, all through the CRM page.

Fourth: Marketing campaigns: -
Because your success means a lot to us, FXADDRESS company is keen to present the best advertising and marketing plans, to provide you with a monthly report of what has been accomplished from the marketing campaign of your company and includes the following:
- Marketing services on the sites so that we write articles and topics that specialize in talking about the field of work and offers from your company.
- Marketing services on Ingram in terms of advertising pictures and attractive ads that make reaching the company easier for the target group.
- Marketing via Facebook and Twitter, we all know that these two social networking sites are the key to accessing the largest targeted database. Therefore, we create many pages and groups that explain and advertise your services in order to reach the largest possible number of customers.
- Marketing services through YouTube \ including classified ads, including the channels that broadcast the visual and advertising pictures to attract the largest number of customers.
- Marketing services through promotional articles and forums and opening new topics to discuss the company's services in addition to the nature of the field's work in order to reach the largest number of targets by talking about you from more than one person.
Marketing services through the production of videos are visual images through which you can reach many customers and specialize in advertising your company and displaying its services through an attractive video clip.
- SEO services, archiving and publishing in forums several topics about the company’s business and its achievements. Putting your site’s link on many text link sites in Big Rank sites to control Google and adding your site to a lot of search engines and guides that are considered the most important principles of SEO, and a lot of features that are endless. Through SEO service
- Designing and producing banners, pictures and presentations, every new thing you want to do that will take precedence in promoting your company through offers and photos.
- Voice services are resonant sound recordings, some of which are merged clips with music that stimulate progress and participation in the services of your company, including what is related to explaining these services to reach the largest possible number of target groups
- FXADDRESS will demote your site's Alexa rank

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