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“ Our belief and ability to recognize your ability distinguished by the company FXADDRESS many offers that suit you Dear customer to be able to own your company in the field of Forex”

Full dealer

This offer is specially designed and very suitable for people who want to enter the world of Forex at the lowest possible material cost, as our team at Fxaddress company made a presentation for them commensurate with the financial capabilities available to them. With full powers of the VetaTrader platform.
VetaTrader features:
Exactly designed and built that helps you as a Forex manager to follow all deals and portfolios
Your customers fully within many features we will mention the following
- The possibility of working in two systems (A-book Or B-book)
- Manual and automatic control.
- The ability to perform all financial operations from withdrawals, deposits and bonuses.
- Determine margin, commission and swap commissions.
- Show & hide symbols In line with your company policy
- Show daily or monthly reports for investor accounts and portfolios, or within the date and time you specify.
- And many other additional features that give you full control of the platform.
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